Bored in Montreal: 10+ Things to Do

Montreal has a vibrant culture, with a rich history, diverse population, and a lively arts and music scene. There are many festivals and events held throughout the year, including the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Just for Laughs comedy festival, and the Montreal Grand Prix.

The city also has a great food scene, with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and markets offering everything from traditional Quebecois cuisine to international flavors. The Old Port of Montreal is a great place to stroll and sample some of the local cuisine, and there are many food tours available that will take you around the city to try some of the best dishes Montreal has to offer.

Here are ten fun things you can do when you’re bored in Montreal:

Visit the Notre-Dame Basilica

This historic church is a must-see for its stunning architecture and beautiful interior decorations.

Explore the Old Port of Montreal

This historic area features cobblestone streets, charming boutiques, and a variety of restaurants and cafes.

Visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

This museum is home to a diverse collection of artworks from around the world, including paintings, sculptures, and photographs.

Go to the top of Mont Royal

This iconic mountain in the heart of Montreal offers panoramic views of the city and is a popular spot for hiking and picnicking.

Walk through Plateau Mont-Royal

This vibrant neighborhood is known for its colorful houses, independent shops, and bustling street life.

Check out the Montreal Botanical Garden

This beautiful garden features a wide variety of plants and flowers, as well as a Japanese garden and a Chinese garden.

Visit the Montreal Biodome

This interactive museum lets you explore four different ecosystems, including the rainforest, the polar regions, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Go to a Canadiens Hockey Game

Montreal is home to the Canadiens, one of the most successful teams in the NHL. Catch a game at the Bell Centre to experience the city’s love of hockey.

Explore the Underground City

This network of tunnels and shopping centers is a great place to escape the cold in winter or to find some relief from the heat in summer.

Visit the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History

This museum is located in the heart of Old Montreal and offers a fascinating look at the city’s history and cultural heritage.

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